Kitchen by Mike


Kitchen by Mike offers guests a range of whole food in a relaxed dining environment overlooking the amazing Sydney city skyline.

At Kitchen by Mike we believe that food should be egalitarian with no bias to any demographic. This is why Mike designed the canteen. Whether you’re a businessperson, a student or a family enjoying a meal out, everybody stands in the queue together waiting to be served. Mike has stripped away the trappings of a traditional restaurant to find something more basic and perhaps more honest.

For those on the go, Mike has created Fly by Mike carry on tray-packs, packed freshly to the customer’s choice. Select from classic Kitchen by Mike salads and roast vegetables; light meat and fish dishes; homemade cakes and puddings; seasonal fruit; and a selection of health tonics such as kombucha or cold pressed juices.

Kitchen By Mike is located at Sydney Airport T1 International, Airside, Pier B between Gates 10-24.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner: 6.00am – 10.00pm