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Generosity, simplicity, authenticity and sustainable wholefoods form the core of Mike McEnearney’s philosophy.

Mike’s nurturing food ethos mirrors his personality. He is kind and generous with everyone he meets.

He is respectful, compassionate and pioneering, as he is with his food.

Whether he is heading up a 3-star fine dining restaurant or humbly baking bread, Mike always fires on all cylinders.

He inspires and instils joy into all who are lucky enough to work alongside him.

The magic he has worked is a result of his complete focus, absolute love, and, above all, the utmost respect for the process and the produce.

If you would like to join the team at No.1 Bent Street, including experienced front of house and bar staff as well as kitchen staff of all levels, please send your CV to the contacts below.

Front of house enquiries to

Kitchen staff enquiries to