It’s Winter and it’s time to rug up and eat hearty, warming food to keep the internal fire burning and the sniffles at bay.

I have always maintained a strong belief that food should be eaten in season. It simply tastes better, has the right nutritional content to see us through the season and has a low impact on our environment. A plethora of root and cool weather green vegetables such as sprouts are at their best now, as well as orchard fruits like apples, pears and quince and citrus’ such as Seville oranges, grapefruits and of course lemons.

At No.1 Bent Street you will also see the very first of the Port Phillip Bay scallops baked on the half shell with bacon, garlic and thyme, wonderful lamb shoulders pot roasted in the wood oven for 8 hours, and also tiny cumquats cooked in a Sussex pond pudding for something sweet.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those once a year truffles that come up from Canberra in June that will feature on the menu throughout the season.

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Mike x